Week Nine at a glance

With deadlines approaching and time running short in the 2022 legislative session, this week presented a glimpse of what’s possible when urgency is applied, and the challenges that remain in addressing the needs of Minnesotans.

Three bills passed unanimously off the Senate floor this week, each of which put people first. The first makes Minnesota a national leader in funding to find a cure for ALS, and was carried by Senator David Tomassoni, who continues to fight this disease while serving his constituents. The second divests Minnesota’s assets from Russian and Belarusian firms. This is a small but important step in showing solidarity with the Ukrainian people as they fight against Russia’s illegal war.

The third bill is the long overdue drought relief for Minnesota’s farmers and ranchers. They faced extreme drought conditions in 2021 and have been waiting for help. Despite Governor Walz first requesting a relief package in September of last year, Senate Republicans have refused to urgently address this issue. Thankfully, after the consistent advocacy of Senate DFLers, this bill has finally passed.

While the Legislature moved with urgency to get these important bills passed into law, Senate Republicans have chosen to block or slow walk action on many critical issues that Minnesotans desire. With just one day until the second deadline, and just over a week until the third deadline, Senate Republicans would rather run out the clock than do the work necessary to help Minnesota families.

Senate DFLers believe that there is still time to take on the challenges facing our state. We will not stop in our efforts to build an economy that works, or to improve public safety in our communities, or to ensure that every Minnesotan has the high quality of life they deserve.

Senate DFL Media