Week nine events

We ended March by celebrating cultural contributions made by Minnesotans, advocating for housing justice, learning from the AAPI community on racial healing, and being STEM schooled by robotics teams represented across the state.  

We remembered fallen Minnesotan Veterans. During this reflective time, we appreciated the sacrifice our service members have made, and the families of those fallen have continued to make. We celebrated a nationwide acknowledgement of the challenges members of the transgender community continue to face including harassment, unequal treatment in education, sports, and more. We hope to continue conversations and advocacy to amplify support for the LGBTQ community.  

All month long, we have acknowledged, and celebrated contributions made by women in honor of Women’s History Month. We also learned about inequities that women continue to face in areas of employment, education, leadership roles, and more. We used these engagements to learn from one another and understand how we can effectively continue to support women led organizations and advocate to close these inequity loopholes.  

 As we leap into April, we will continue to celebrate Minnesotans in areas of health equity, cultural contributions, and bringing awareness to several issues including sexual assault, religious freedom, and ableism.

Senate DFL Media