Week seven at a glance

The difference between Senate Republican and Senate DFL priorities was made vividly clear this week.

On Monday morning, Senate DFLers held an informational hearing on a package of bills to help working Minnesotans, none of which have been heard by the Senate majority. The hearing included testimony from healthcare workers, meatpacking and poultry processing workers, service industry workers, and others from across the state who are still waiting for the bonus pay promised to them.

It has now been 259 days since the creation of a Frontline Worker Bonus Pay Work Group, and these workers are still waiting. While Senate DFLers brought forward legislation last week that would provide $1 billion for these workers – and refill the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund – Republicans voted it down. 

While Senate Republicans have refused to pay our workers, they prioritized passing $1 billion in funding for health insurance companies – without addressing the long-term issues necessary to address the rising cost of health care. If we can provide $1 billion to insurance companies, we can provide $1 billion to the 667,000 workers who made our budget surplus possible.

With 67 days left in the Legislative Session, Minnesotans are waiting for action from the Senate Majority that delivers real results. Senate DFLers will continue to listen to Minnesotans and fight for them.

Senate DFL Media