Week six at a glance

As the 2022 Legislative Session moves quickly along, Senate DFLers made it clear where their priorities were this week by moving to immediately pass legislation to support our frontline workers and small businesses. 

On Thursday, the Senate DFL was united in trying to immediately move legislation to provide $1 billion in frontline worker hero pay for 667,000 Minnesotans and to refill the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund before the state begins making payments on the loans we had taken from the federal government. Instead of joining with DFLers, Senate Republicans blocked this effort. 

Our frontline workers have been left waiting since the end of last year’s session for the Legislature to finally put their words of praise into action. Now, Senate Republicans have shown they would rather prioritize tax cuts over the needs of these workers. Senate DFLers will continue to fight for our frontline workers and ensure they are not left behind. 

Minnesotans are asking for the legislature to address the needs facing our state – lowering costs for families, investing in education, ensuring access to high-quality and affordable health care and childcare, and ensuring everyone feels safe in their communities. With just over two months left in the 2022 Legislative Session, Senate Republicans should join with Senate DFLers in addressing the needs of our state instead of blocking action on what Minnesotans are asking for.