Week ten events & remembrances

We kicked off the month acknowledging the Holy Month of Ramadan by sending our thoughts and celebratory messages to the Muslim community. We wore teal on Tuesday to honor survivors of sexual harassment and abuse and sported our rainbow colors to unite with OutFront Minnesota for their annual LGBTQ+ advocacy day.

A celebration of life was held for former Secretary of the Senate, Pat Flahaven, to remember his wonderful contributions. Over the weekend, several united in a prayer for Ukraine. We remembered Walter Scott on the 7th anniversary of his death. A black man who was shot and killed by a South Carolina police officer.

Throughout the week, we recognized the need for high quality childcare, the importance of musical therapy support for children, and the role public health officials play in developing new strategies to control disease outbreaks.  

While there were moments of celebration, we also want to acknowledge the loss felt this week for many staffers and members as we took part in remembering Pat Flahaven, Walter Scott, and Ukrainians who have lost their lives in recent weeks.