Week thirteen at a glance

Omnibus budget and policy bills continued to move forward this week, but much was left to be desired in the substance and scope of these bills. Despite a historic budget surplus, Senate Republicans ignored opportunities to invest in critical needs for Minnesotans, and instead prioritized tax cuts that overwhelmingly favor the rich.

Even on issues that they claim to prioritize, they are failing to meet the moment. That was made abundantly clear by their public safety budget. Instead of adopting a comprehensive approach to public safety – like what has been advocated for by communities, members of law enforcement, and criminal justice partners – Senate Republicans chose a bill designed to garner headlines and not to prevent crime.

Despite DFL efforts to improve this and other bills, Senate Republicans have chosen again and again to block efforts to take real action on the needs of Minnesotans. In upcoming negotiations between the Senate and the House, DFLers will fight to improve these bills and make sure that we step up to help working families and communities across the state.