Week twelve events and acknowledgments 

We returned from the legislative break to a week full of festivities. The Asian American Pacific Islander community had a strong presence at the Capitol to chat with legislators, highlight issues facing AAPI constituents, and discuss ways to bridge gaps between the legislature and Asian Minnesotans to ensure advocacy continues to stay strong. 

We were visited by Veteran community leaders to hear from our service members on topics around accessibility, mental health support, and more. Legislators joined housing equity activists to #BringItHome and highlight the work being done by our Caucus to advocate for housing affordability and accessibility. 

4/20 was celebrated by discussing the importance of decriminalizing cannabis use and replicating cannabis-friendly policies currently implemented by 18 other states. We learned from cannabis advocacy organizations about health benefits, responsible use, benefits to the economy, and more. 

We are ending the week with a moment of silence to stand with LGBTQ youth to bring awareness to bullying and harassment those students often face in schools across the nation. On a global scale, we highlighted the importance of loving Mother Nature and practicing sustainability to ensure we can continue to celebrate Earth Day for generations to come.