Where’s the 2018 bonding bill?

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There are only three weeks left in the Legislative Session and Republican Senate and House leaders still haven’t released their bonding bill. It’s time to let Minnesotans know what their bonding priorities are. It’s time for Senate and House leadership to release their bonding bill in a transparent manner. It’s time to allow for reasoned, civil, and public discussion on this important legislation.

Governor Dayton released his $1.5 billion bonding bill months ago, which creates an estimated 22,950 jobs and funds 218 infrastructure projects across the state. His bonding bill includes important investments for education, transportation, and building maintenance. Much of this money is needed just to maintain what the state has already built.

Where’s the bonding bill? Needlessly delaying the release of the bonding bill not only does a disservice to the process but it could hurt the chance of any bill passing this year. Time is up, and Senate Republicans need to release the bonding bill.