Who’s driving this bus?

On March 7, MnDOT brought an autonomous shuttle to the state Capitol for people to hop on and ride. Autonomous cars are in our near future and could help us reduce traffic congestion and make our roads safer.

Self-driving vehicles are on their way to becoming a reality in Minnesota. To prepare for this huge change on our roadways, Gov. Mark Dayton created a 15-member advisory council to take up traffic regulations and other issues self-driving cars and buses will bring to the state. The council will be tasked with providing policy recommendations to the Governor by the end of the year. The advisory council will have representatives from various backgrounds, including higher education, freight, and transit. Although members of the council have not been named, people who are interested in serving can apply online. The council will be co-chaired by Commissioner Zelle and Christopher Clark, Xcel Energy’s president for Minnesota and the Dakotas.