Wiger Response to Senate Republican Education Target Release

ST. PAUL, Minn – State Senator Charles Wiger, DFL-Maplewood, expressed his disappointment today at the Senate Republican’s $300 million E-12 budget target released today that will inadequately fund Minnesota public schools over the next two years. Sen. Wiger serves as the Ranking Member on the Senate Education Committee.

“Our students deserve a better investment in E-12 education than what the Senate Republicans are offering today. Investing in our future workforce should be our top priority. Today, under this budget Minnesota students are being shortchanged. The Republican education target will leave many unmet needs in schools throughout Minnesota. Their total isn’t even enough to provide the two percent each year on the formula, which until today Senate Republicans said they said they supported. It’s now impossible. This funding level will hurt school districts. As we’ve learned from school boards and parents, this investment is needed.”

“We need further investments in teacher training, early education, career and vocational education and in addressing the teacher shortage to make sure our students become the World’s Best Workforce. We’ll continue to raise these concerns. We hope as we move through the session, the budget target will be adjusted to better meet the needs of Minnesota schools.”

Senator Chuck Wiger
Chuck Wiger represents District 43, which includes portions of Ramsey and Washington counties in the northeastern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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