Friday March 15 is World Consumer Rights Day. This session, the Senate DFL has been working to strengthen consumer rights, empower consumers, and promote fair practices in the marketplace. Here are a few examples of legislation moving through the Senate this session.  


Student Loan Borrower Bill of Rights  

Expands the Student Loan Borrower Bill of Rights passed in 2021 to strengthen reporting requirements of private loan services, ensures borrowers have accurate information about income repayment options, curbs abusive practices by lenders, and allows borrowers harmed by lenders to file a claim. (SF4735) 


Junk Fees 

Consumers are constantly being hit by hidden junk fees which don’t add any tangible benefit. Companies would be required to disclose all fees, so Minnesotans know the true cost of a purchase when they’re deciding how to spend their hard-earned money.  (SF3537) 


Click to Cancel 

Too often, consumers are stuck in an endless loop of confusing and complicated cancellation processes and get stuck with repeat charges. This bill requires that customers consent to automatic renewals and can end them any time in a clear and simple way. (SF3920) 


Ticket Transparency (aka “the Taylor Swift bill”) 

Ticket sellers would be required to show the total cost of a ticket including fees throughout the purchase process to avoid last minute surprises. It also regulates the use of bots and bans resale sites from pretending to be original sellers.  (SF2003) 


Medical Debt Fairness Act 

Predatory medical debt collection puts profits over people’s health. This legislation would ban the denial of medical care based on outstanding patient debt, prevent medical debt from being transferred to a patient’s spouse, ban charging interest on medical debt and reporting it to credit bureaus, and more. (SF4065) 


Consumer Data Privacy Act 

This Act would give consumers back control over their personal data online. It would allow Minnesotans the right to delete their personal data, opt out of sale of their data, access information that large corporations have collected about them, and more.  (SF2915) 


Price Gouging Protections Expansion 

In 2023 the Senate DFL passed price gouging protections for consumers. This bill adds certain home and landscaping services to those protections so they may not increase prices excessively following a severe weather event.  (SF3909) 


And More! 

  • Predatory Interest Rates, SF3932  

  • E-Gaming Fee Disclosure, SF3678  

  • Updating Minnesota’s antitrust penalties SF1069