Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy: Senate-Passed Education Policy Bill Improves Student Literacy, Prevents Book Bans, Cuts Teacher Paperwork

Senate Also Approves Labor Bill Requiring Salary Information be Included in All Job Postings, As Well As Expanded Child and Worker Protections

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy (DFL- St. Paul) said today that the Senate passed an Education policy bill, authored by Senator Steve Cwodzinski (DFL-Eden Prairie), that will improve literacy in schools, prevent book bans, and allow teachers to focus on the classroom by cutting Special Education paperwork. Majority Leader Murphy said the Senate also passed on Tuesday a Labor policy bill, authored by Sen. Jen McEwen (DFL-Duluth), that will require salary information in all job postings, something that will not only increase transparency, but also cut the racial and gender wage gap by promoting fairer, more-equitable salaries.  The measure will also strengthen child labor protections, improve worker safety, and ensure most Minnesota workers are not paid less than minimum wage. “The Senate passed two important bills today that will builds on the important work we are doing for the people of Minnesota,” said Majority Leader Murphy. “The Education policy bill will improve literacy education for students and will allow Special Education teachers to focus on classroom teaching by cutting paperwork. Importantly, It will stop the alarming spread of book bans at Minnesota’s border by preventing them in our public libraries. We have high expectations for our schools and learners because our future depends on their success.”  “The Labor bill, by requiring that salary information be part of all job postings will improve transparency and reduce the gender and racial wage gaps,” she said.  “This legislation will expand necessary child labor and worker protections, and it will ensure workers who are paid as little as $8.63 an hour are not paid less than the state’s minimum wage of $10.85 per hour.” Both Senate-passed measures passed Tuesday are awaiting House action before moving forward.


Erin Murphy represents Senate District 64, which includes portions of the Saint Paul community.

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